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    In the latest documentary from Filthy Rags Media, comes the legendary story of the first African-American basketball player to graduate from the University of Kentucky. Reggie Warford, 190 pounds of fury and muscle, dazzled his fans and teammates with his explosive court speed, leaping ability and dead-eye shooting. Every challenge Warford has experienced in life has been beaten, but as his health is failing, the perseverance and grit that he once displayed on court, is now needed for simply surviving. At the University of Kentucky, he fought first for acceptance, then for victory. Now, as the sun sets on Reggie Warford’s life, he’s fighting for his legacy and for others to know what is possible to overcome.
  • On Christmas Day 2017 comes the second collaboration between Filthy Rags Media, Eppic Films and WKYT-TV. Out Of The Blue chronicles the 1998 Kentucky Basketball team and their unlikely rise to the NCAA National Championship
  • Order both documentaries and save $5.00.  Get The Team, about Kentucky’s 1996 National Championship and Out Of The Blue, about Kentucky’s 1998 National Championship but only pay once for shipping.
  • 18 x 24 Shot Heard Across the Bluegrass These include autographs by Jeff Sheppard as well as Cameron Mills. Shot that Cameron hit against Duke which gave Kentucky their first lead of the game with about 2 minutes left.  Kentucky went on to win the game and two games later the National Championship.